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Maginaper Media is run by Rob Tarlton and all website and design work done till now is his.
Some recent projects are shown here. You can have a look at more of his work here.

group website layout

This is the Group website of 1st Contact - the Tax, Financial and Migration Experts.
I did all the design - as flat art. I then converted the flat art into CSS and ASP.Net driven templates.
Site architecture and SEO in general were major concerns for this site and I did a lot of work in that realm as well.

website design

The Accounting micro-site for 1st Contact Accounting uses the fun loving brand but veers towards a slightly more serious image.

The design and .Net/CSS/XHTML templating was all done by Rob Tarlton.

wallpaper site design

Maginaper Wallpaper was the first online space for what is now Quagga - It runs on WordPress.

menu design

The menu cover for the Lazari Restaurant in Cape Town was designed to go with the wallpaper in the restaurant which was also designed by Maginaper. Please have a look at the Wallpaper designs we have done.

magazine print design


This was a print magazine advert done for ReferBack, which is an online affiliate program.

site layout

This was a design that started with a logo and then went on to the site design. The brand offers unique online migration solutions.

cape town graphic design

1st Contact SA is the South African version of the main 1st Contact Group site. It required a distinguishable look and feel.

cape town print design

This was a print magazine advert for the Wine-of-the-Month Club website that we had just revamped.

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